Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 1, and already behind ...

Another grey day on the Canal, the kind that slows down my body but keeps my creative juices flowing.

For those of you in a different part of the world, welcome to mine. It is so quiet here you can hear the Great Blue Heron swoop by. The birds-of-prey catch me unaware, when I am gazing out over the frosted Olympics and grey-blue water; eagles, heron, king fisher, crows, starlings, hummingbirds, seagulls, and many others.

If you are a bird-watcher or a nature-lover, this is your paradise. If you want city life, this place is not for you; there are no clothing stores, theaters, or culture of any kind (trust me.)

I've given you a little window, a sneak preview, and there is more to come.

I want to talk about the changes happening here: we are running out of oxygen in the Canal, folks, and the fish are disappearing. Nobody knows exactly why, but the State has invested tons of money for studies, so we'll see if anything comes of this.

In the meantime, there are plans in the works for a "world class" NASCAR track up the congested road (the only ingress-egress route around.) The "back the track" folks will not let this issue die. Stand by for BIG changes.

We have become a world village, of sorts: loggers, foresters, and Guatemalan brush-pickers share the same spaces.

This is where the snowbirds roost in the Summer. Increasingly, people are moving here because of the pristine air, water, and sense of community. We build, and they come. The scales are tilting more toward year-round residence, but the struggle to find work that pays a living wage can be daunting.

Lots of issues. I have lots of time. We'll chat some more, because right now, I am a bit behind.

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