Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Story part 2

Yesterday (whatever day, in 2014), I was sharing some connections I made while wandering around the Internet stratosphere. What seemed poignant at the time has gotten a little muddy. My yesterday has turned into a long-term sabbatical, but I am back.

In honor of the new day, I have decided to publish a poem I have written for each day, April, 2018. I also will be trying out some different fonts and edit capabilities, to keep things real and relative.

Publishing online is supposed to be fun, so let's take a journey together! Thanks. (no, this is not mine - it was taken by a gent who goes by the name of Bugsy Boone, and this is a beautiful sunny day-to-be on Lake Deveraux. I won't tell you where that is, you will just have to use your imagination.)

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